Nitish Kumar, who was facing difficulties on the political front, feared that if Hardik Patel had spoken against him in the midst of his base voters, he would be very uncomfortable. Stunning strategy was that Nitish Kumar should be surrounded between his self-supporting supporters through Hardik Patel on the pretext of the program in the Sri Krishna Memorial Hall and shown to be less. Rajesh Chandra, the founder of social media strategist Rajesh Chandra, who was considered close to Nitish Kumar, found that his team continued to establish contact with Hardik Patel’s Gujarat team. The “Young” team continued to explain to Hardy Patel’s closest friends that Hardik Patel’s image at the national level would be weakened by speaking anything against Nitish Kumar. In many states, supporters of Nitish Kumar and Hardik Patel’s supporters are the same. In such a situation, Hardik should avoid saying anything like this. Hardik Patel’s relationship with the Lalu family is just symbolic, This can never have any political advantage The strategy of “Young” went right here. Hardik Patel expressed his views on dozens of issues during his two-day visit to Patna but did not have a sharp attack against Nitish. However, do not leave hard work on Hardik Nitish Kumar.

With the help of Hardik’s program, many of the Kurmi factions of Bihar’s Nitish Kumar wanted to squanders political ambitions with the Chief Minister. The leaders associated with many Kurmi society, including Vrashin Patel, Satish Kumar, Ramcharitra Prasad, wanted to join the organizers of the program and interact with various mediums. But the team of “Young” had kept hearty allies together. As a result, Hardik Patel clearly told the organizers of Sri Krishna Memorial Hall that the program is not meant to be political. In view of Hardik’s instructions, the organizers refused to include anti-Nitish Kurmi leaders. Otherwise, the crowd filled with the Sri Krishna Memorial Hall was many times more crowded.