Jagdishpur: In the ward number 5 Khapatah of the town Mahadalit Basti, the electricity wires are still lying on palm trees. In this technological age, the country and the state have made a lot of progress, but in the Mahadalit settlement, the old techniques have been adopted even today. Anyone who can ever invite a big accident. Administration and departments remain ignorant about it.

But the power department has not been able to provide a single pillar till date. The recent example of how loyalty to the board is providing its services and how much responsibility it is providing to the people will be seen in the ward number 5. Therefore, the department has not understood the need for pillars here. Employees of departing departments have a look at it but it is not reasonable to change it from the point of view of security and systematically improve.

On the day the electric current flowing through the windstorm, during the rainy season, the electric palm trickles in the trees of the tree, there is a spark of electricity coming out here. Due to the rainy day, there is always fear that someone should not be dead. There is a possibility of falling of electric wire in the stormy weather. 
Tell the office of the power department at a distance.

Sometimes a great accident can happen in the people of Mahadalit township.

According to the families of Mahadalit, many people, including Malti Devi, Saroj Kumar Nut and Savita Devi, say that there is a danger of falling in the gusty wind. Many times, we have gone to the office of the Electricity Department, and have begun to do it. The turbulence of the trees when touching the wire, the spark emerges from them, from which the weather of the stampede is established. Many times, the office of the Department of Electricity has started appealing. But no one has solved their problem many times in the power department office, but they got nothing except till the assurance. The people of this ward are afraid now that no one will be victim of any major accident.

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