Mukesh Sahni

Patna: In the success of the Nishad Revolution, the contribution of the mothers and sisters of society has been very important. Nishad has joined the shoulder-to-shoulder in paving the way for reservation. In the battle of rights, the women of the society have been ahead on every front. Their role in the struggle for the right of Nishad has been equally important to men. Speaking at the address of the women’s workers of Nishad Vikas Sangh in the SK Memorial Hall in Patna, said the President of the Nishad Vikas Sangh, the National President, Sun of Mallah Mukesh Sahni.

The Women’s Workers’ Conference was organized by the Nishad Vikas Sangh with the Veerangana Phoolan Devi Shahadat Divas Festival. On this occasion, thousands of women have realized the power of the Nishad Revolution by marching along the 25 feet statue of Veerangana Phoolan Devi. Srikrishna Memorial Hall folded from the Engineer Bhawan to Virarpand Patel Path-Income Tax Tablet and Postbangala intersection was passed on the vast foot march.

It is worth mentioning that this March, all women marched on foot in the same garment. All the women were in a red color sari. On the head was the red turban of the Nishad Vikas Manch and the flag in the hand and the throats in the neck.

Mukesh Sahni


Thousands of men were also involved in the foot, as well as the procession with hundreds of motorcycles and hundreds of four-wheelers. The footprint of 25 feet of Veerangana Phoolan Devi was also included on foot in March. After paying a tribute to Veerangana Phoolan Devi in SK Memorial Hall after the march, Sun of the Mallah addressed the Women’s Workers Convention.

While addressing the conference, Sun of the Voyager informed that from July 26, a homecoming campaign will be started in entire Bihar. Under this, the Nishad brothers in the other party will be included in the Nishad Vikas Sangh by giving a bouquet of flowers. In the event of non-reservation, we will start the ‘Nishad Reservation Dialogue Tour’ from Patna on August 26. Under this, the fight for rights and rights will be transported to every household in every district of the state. Also, on October 7, the name of the party will be announced by ‘Nishad Reservation Maharala’ in the presence of millions of people in Patna’s Gandhi Maidan.

Sun of the Mallah said that on March 11, Muzaffarpur, Motihari on 8th April, and on May 13, thousands of Nishad took part in the motorcyclist Maharishi in the scorching sun in Munger and realized the effect of the Nishad. After that, on June 10, in 42-degree scorching sunshine in Begusarai and on the 1st of July in Darbhanga, a huge motorcyclist Maharishi has played the role of Nishad. He said that after playing a huge motorcycle Mahari in different districts of Bihar and playing a stalwart of the Nishad revolution, we also introduced the rocky strength of Nishad unity in Patna.


Mukesh Sahni


President State Women President Smt. Nirmala Sahni, who presided over the conference said that Phoolan Devi was a great revolutionary woman. He was declared the world’s fourth most influential woman by Time Magazine. Phulan Devi, a Lok Sabha MP from Mirzapur, has been a symbol of women power for decades. Phulan Devi, famously known as Iron Lady, has a very significant contribution in bringing social and political revolution in the deprived society. Due to its activity and sacrifice, Phoolan Devi is known as a symbol of women empowerment. Thousands of women, who have come to the reservation on Patna roads, have given a clear indication that if we do not get the right along with the reservation, then parties in the forthcoming elections will be eliminated from Bihar, who will debate the dispute with the Nishad community.

During the conference, the women’s vice president, Neetu Singh Nishad, was assigned the platform. Apart from this, the people of Nishad society were welcomed by Subhadra Bharati. In the conference, the state women’s wing of the state Swaranlata Sahni, Begusarai Women’s District President Subhadra Bharti, Katihar Women’s District President Chanda Kumari Nishad, Manorama Devi, Kiran Bind, Kumari Neelam, State Women’s Vice President Sudha Chauhan, Khagaria District President Savita Nishad, Kaimur Women District President Vijayanta Bind, Renu Devi Bumper, Annu Kumari Bind, Mamta Chauhan, Nirmala Sahni, Rajpati Devi, Sharda Devi alias Veena Many people including Devi, Meena Bharti were prominent

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