Patna: After the separation from the RJD, in the Modi cabinet expansion, Janata Dal United hoped that at least one ministerial post would be in his quota. It was unofficially unofficially discussed as to who would represent JDU in the central government.

The Janata Dal (U) workers reached Delhi in preparation for formalities such as congratulating a large number of party leaders, the possibility of getting a ministerial post, and taking photographs with the new minister. But JDU did not get an invite for the cabinet expansion. Political analysts said that Nitish has already started settling in Amit Shah’s political style.

On several occasions, Nitish Kumar was saying that he was talking to Amit Shah for the seat sharing. Talking to Bhupendra Yadav that the BJP came from the side of the camp was reacting. Politician politician Nitish kept waiting for quiet silence. Time changed, Nitish Kumar’s turban changed too.

In the Gorakhpur, Phulpur, Karaana bypoll, the BJP got a crushing defeat. Nitish, who was watching the weakening BJP quietly, was seen close to the Lok Sabha elections too. Started attacks on issues like communalism, ban on canvassing, special status status, etc. Here the BJP also got alert in the electoral battle. The campaign started in the name of contact support. Obviously, contact for support is considered part of the electoral campaign. Something goes straight to the electoral battle just a year before BJP’s election. In such a situation, it is not difficult to understand the reasons for being careful about the BJP’s election.amit-shah-shiv-sena

In Maharashtra, the Saffron Khemma believed Shiv Sena to suffer. The BJP seemed to be important to the Shiv Sena. Amit Shah reached Matoshree on 6th June after the defeat in the by-election. Despite meeting with Uddhav, the Shiv Sena’s heart does not touch the heart. In the Shiv Sena mouthpiece affair, it was said why after the defeat in the by-election, why it was necessary to contact support. Unlike the expectation of Amit Shah, Shiv Sena has declared the fight alone in Maharashtra.

With the coming of the SP BSP in Uttar Pradesh, the BJP has become a victim of the troubles. Araria in Bihar also lost in the Lok Sabha by-election. Even though the associate Upendra Kushwaha and Ram Vilas Paswan’s stance in the government, the BJP has been opposed. If Ram-lalis or sub-judges are targeting the judiciary on issues of ST-SC or the judiciary, then there is a rift between the people and the center.

These conditions have given flexibility in the attitude of Amit Shah towards the allies. The leader of the Shiv Sena, who was unhappy with the attitude of the leader, had to stand aside from the BJP, the same leader has reached Patna to talk to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on seat sharing. Nitish is also worth the money while scrupulously thinking about the dullity of time. They are clearly indicating that they realize their strength.


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