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Best Full Body Massage Chair in India: 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Full Body Massage Chair in India: 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Full Body Massage Chair in India : Who doesn't like to be massaged after a long and hectic day? But visiting a massage spa regularly can cost time and money.

Therefore, investing in a massage chair is the perfect solution.

A massage chair contains airbags (which compress and decompress) or rollers (which move left and right / up and down) to improve blood circulation and relax the muscles. They are programmed with various massage styles such as kneading, hitting and others, to mimic the sensation of a professional masseuse.

Since massage chairs are quite expensive equipment, we recommend that you consider the following factors when making an informed decision.

Chair size and shape: being bulky, massage chairs take up a lot of space. And due to the tilt function, you must ensure that there is a gap of 18 to 24 inches between its back and the adjacent wall. Check the dimensions of the chair to make sure you have enough space to place it. However, if you cannot afford so much space, choose a technology model that saves space.

Massage intensity: In general, massage chairs will be equipped with different intensity levels to customize the massage according to the user's needs. For the maximum intensity of the massage chair, check the number of available engines. The higher the number of motors, the greater the intensity ranges. Choose a model with more intensity, because you can decrease it if necessary.
Body coverage: some massage chairs focus only on the back muscles, while others provide a full body massage. If you experience back or neck pain on a regular basis, regular massage chairs are enough. But for leg pain or if you are an athlete, go to a massage that also focuses on leg massage.
Other factors to consider are the amount of massage styles, speed adjustments, easy controls and warranty. A detailed explanation of these factors and other information is provided in our PURCHASE GUIDE.

Best Full Body Massage Chair in India

In addition to that, we have also provided a list of the most sold massage chairs in India. A detailed review of each product is also mentioned below for your convenience.

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair in India

Best Massage ChairsSpecial FeaturesBuy Now
JSB Mz16 Full Body Massage ChairChronic Pain Relief,
Foot Roller Massage,
Heat Therapy,
Zero Gravity Seating
 Check the Price
Robotouch Massage ChairHand Massage,
Zero Gravity Seating,
28 Air-bags pressure,
Back Muscle Warming
 Check the Price
Osim Uinfinity Massage ChairHuman-like Massage,
Wide Array of Massage Modes,
Retractable Foot Rest,
Zero Gravity
 Check the Price
Bodyfriend 4D Massage Chair Zero Gravity,
Heat Therapy,
Air-bags with vibrators, Bluetooth Speaker
 Check the Price                                                                                                           

Best Massage Chair Brand Reviews in India

1. JSB Mz16 Full Body Massage Chair For Home and Office

Best Full Body Massage Chair in India
There are 5 automatic modes to choose from: pain relief, comfort, relaxation, upper and lower body massage, so you are very likely to find an automatic mode that works best for you. You can save and enjoy any of them in the future with just one click. If you don't like it or it is too intense, you can change the intensity at any time with the remote control. In addition, there are thermal pads on the back to provide heat treatment.

Best Full Body Massage Chair in India

More importantly, the machine is adjustable, or to be more precise, the intelligent system automatically repositions the rollers according to their size. It also means that anyone of any age can use the personalized massage, you just need to find your comfortable position and tilt it like a bed to enjoy a relaxing body massage.

The ensemble is very elegant and the imitation of black leather gives it a rich look. Place it anywhere in your home or office, even better if you can place it in the living room around the TV or audio system for massages and entertainment. It can support up to 110 kg in weight and has an impressive full one year warranty.

The verdict:

JSB has other models in the MZ series, but this particular model is our favorite because it has more massage techniques than all other models in this series. In addition, it is an exceptional option to treat chronic pain and muscle fatigue that are difficult to find with this budget. Another reason you like it is that it has 5-star ratings from all its users, making it the most reliable massage chair and one of the best rated in online stores.


The disadvantages:

2. Robotouch Maxima Full Body Massage Chair

Best Full Body Massage Chair in India
With its automatic 2D detection mechanism, it places the shoulder pads precisely according to their size. You get 5 different massage modes that include shiatsu, kneading, hitting, kicking, kneading and hitting: it makes prolonged massage easier by massaging pressure points across the neck to the plants for a definite relaxing sensation. In addition, the beat, shiatsu and strike modes are adjustable at 5 different speed levels.

You can also choose from the integrated variety of massage modes, such as pain relief, comfort, massage for the upper and lower body. Full body massages include a fixed, partial and global massage where the arm massager goes up and down to precisely adjust pressure points.

The Robotouch massage chair works in silence, it is almost one of the quietest massage chairs on the market. It has a one-year Robotouch warranty and offers free installation and demonstration.


Robotouch is a competitor of our first edition on the JSB MZ16 list. The reason we put it in second place is that it is not highly recommended for someone with chronic back problems and foot pain. But it is undoubtedly one of the best massage chairs available in the market that has a manual massager, the largest amount of airbags, 5 different speed levels and the warming of the back muscles is another advantage of having at home, in the office or in a massage room.


The disadvantages:

3. Osim Uinfinity Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

Best Full Body Massage Chair in India
Here is another chair of zero gravity of the Osim brand. The brand recently introduced its high-end Uinfinity model, which aims to pamper you from top to bottom.

The chair can perform 5 different massage styles: knead, hit, roll completely, deep tissue massage and lifestyle. The zero gravity position distributes your body weight evenly and relieves tension, stress and anxiety.

Unlike other electric wheelchairs, it has Human Smart massage technology, which allows precise acupressure that improves spinal alignment, improves blood circulation and relaxes muscles.

It has the most intelligent and intuitive system to select manual and automatic massage options. You can choose from a variety of preset programs

Scholar Relax: heat massage on the fingers for maximum relaxation and rejuvenation

Scholar Energize: improves focus and focus on work or academics.
Hot stone treatment: hot acupressure to relieve pain and muscle stiffness
Air-air-airbag compression with hot shiatsu massage treatment.
Of course, it fits with the shoulders and the legs are retractable so you can always adjust it according to your comfort. The model itself looks very professional and elegant and is available in cream or berry red.


It is an expensive model with intuitive technology that gives you the feeling and comfort of a professional spa treatment. Loaded with features, the model has a great aesthetic, looks very elegant and can be used anywhere from the office, from the massage room to the home.


The disadvantages:

4. Bodyfriend 4D Full Body Massage Chair 
Best Full Body Massage Chair in India

Automatic body scanning technology detects the position of the shoulders and locates the rollers based on the pressure points of your body. In addition to the different massage styles, this also includes the zero gravity position that improves cardiac and pulmonary function and relaxes the body from head to toe.

You can customize the massage programmer according to your comfort and preferences. The upper body massage allows you to adjust the rollers in three positions, fixed, partial and global massage.

You can also change and control the intensity levels of the rollers. Flutter, blows and shiatsu have 5 intensity levels. Also change the width between two kneading balls to get the type of massage you need.

The product has a one year warranty.


Bodyfriend is suitable for anyone looking for a cheaper model. In its price segment, it really is the best massage chair you can have. The features are many, they have all the configurations and programs like any expensive model. The appearance is average but fully justifies the price.


The disadvantages:

How to Choose a Massage Chair?

1.Chair Size and Space

2. Weight

3. Size Compatibility

4. Roller Tracks

5. Massage Styles

6. Types of Massage Chairs

The zero gravity massage chairs are actually the most expensive and high-end models. In this massage chair, the body will lean in a position where it will not have to support its own weight. This provides a sense of zero gravity space similar to your body. This position will allow the vertebrae to relax and improve the massage experience.

Few massage chairs offer multiple positions without gravity. The last step will allow the body to lean into a position where the heat and the legs are at the same height. In this position, the heart will not have to press too hard to ensure blood circulation in the legs. Therefore, it will relax a bit and also improve its efficiency.

As all body weight will be distributed in the chair, you can feel the massage of the rollers or the airbags and have a better massage experience.

7. Coverage

8. Recall/Memory

9. Height Range

10. Massage Length

11. Customer Reviews

12. Massage Intensity

13. Body Coverage

14. Safety

Features to Look Out in a Massage Chair

1. Massage Rollers

Most high-end massage chairs use rollers to provide a comfortable and relaxing massage experience. These rollers are specially designed to mimic the movement of the human hand. The rollers will be programmed to move up, down, left and right to provide a relaxing massage. The mobile action of the roller will improve blood circulation and relieve muscles.

One of the important aspects to register in a massage chair is: the amount of massage rollers, since this can have an impact on the massage experience. Usually, 2 to 4 massage rollers are provided on most massage chairs. Some have more than 4, but they are usually stationary rollers.

Usually, four rollers are sufficient to provide a realistic massage experience with balancing, kneading and pounding techniques. Another amazing feature of the roller is kneading and grabbing, which gives a feeling of thumb and human fingers massaging the shoulders and neck. This function relieves tension, inflammation and knots in the muscles.

2. Heat Massage

3. Massage Roller Stroke

4. Body Scan Technology

5. Air Compression Massage

6. Vibration

7. Muscle Stretch Massage

8. Spinal Stretch

9. Acupressure Points

Programs & Settings to Check in a Massage Chair                                                  

1.Pre-defined Programs

2. Manual Control

3. Intensity Settings

4. Speed Settings

5. Auto-Shut Down

Entertainment and Connectivity Features

1.Remote Control

2. USB Port

3. MP3 Player

4. Bluetooth Compatibility

5. LED Lights

6. Easy Access

General Factors to Look For in a Massage Chair

1.Build Material

2. Cup Holder

3. Silent Operation

4. Portability

5. Brand

6. Budget

7. Warranty and Return Policy

Is it Worth to Own a Massage Chair?

How Does a Massage Chair Work?

Massage chairs have motors, gears, rollers / airbags or vibration mechanisms, which are responsible for providing an exceptional massage experience. Although some principles are similar to previous versions, the technology used in modern models is much more advanced.

Since two massage chairs cannot be the same, manufacturers use different designs and certain additional technologies to stand out in the market.

Even the models of the same brand are different. A simple massage chair uses simple approaches to provide a massage. They usually use multiple vibrating surfaces to massage the back or legs. To create the vibration, small devices containing wheels or devices with ballast are used. Since the weight will not focus on the wheel or gear, these devices may be slightly unbalanced.

When the motor rotates the gear vigorously, the rotation generates the necessary vibration. Each vibrating surface contains at least one or two gears to provide vibration or other massage function. Manufacturers take special care and attention to balance the chair, otherwise it can cause an uncomfortable sensation, similar to that of an earthquake.

However, if you buy a high-end model, you are likely to use rollers, which are known to stimulate the sensation of massage similar to the human hand. These rollers generally work with an electric motor. They move in certain predefined patterns within the structural frame of the chair.

Few rollers are designed to have a limited range of motion, so they will only move up and down. Other rollers will be mounted on mechanical arms that offer a wide range of movements. They can move to the right and to the left, and also rotate according to the model. A microprocessor is used for chain models. You can choose one of the predefined movements to get a personalized massage.

Frequently Asked Questions? 

1. How often should I use a massage chair?

Although massage chairs promote healthy blood circulation and healthy functioning of the body at the molecular level, prolonged use of any device leads to unwanted results. You can use a massage chair for 15-20 minutes every day.

2. How many air cells have the best massage chairs? Because it is important? Health

Massage chairs are usually reinforced with 2-3 layers of cells / airbags. These cells swell and deflate at certain points to provide enough pressure to relieve muscle knots and cramps. All good quality chairs are delivered with adjustable settings to control the pressure produced.

3. What other spine training do the massage chairs incorporate?

The most common spine formation in electric massagers is the formation of the S-track. The knots / rollers are strategically located to provide pressure at important points. However, a new training update called L-track has proven to be better than normal, especially for those with a longer trunk.

4. How effective is thermotherapy in massage chairs?

Thermotherapy is one of the important functions of electric massagers. Most massage chairs come with adjustable adjustments to help relax the muscles by producing the right amount of infrared heat. Some chairs even produce heat throughout the body, while others only work in certain specific areas. Chairs always have an automatic shutdown option to prevent overheating, keeping security under control.

5. Is it safe to use a massage chair during pregnancy or have a pacemaker?

Studies show that there are no known side effects when using a massage chair when implanted with a pacemaker. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor to be safer and limit the period of use. The same goes for pregnant women.

6. What massage techniques are provided with the massage chairs?

7. Are massage chairs energy efficient?

Yes, massage chairs do not consume much electricity, which saves you a penny or two. The power consumption is generally between 200-300 watts depending on the quality of the chair.

8. How much space do massage chairs need?

They use the same amount of space as a recliner sofa. Some can even be transformed into a traditional recliner when they are not in use. They usually measure approximately 33 inches wide.

Final Words:

Massage chairs are a blessing for you to control your stress, pain and anxiety daily. Not only you, but any member of your family can use it. This works great for the elderly who suffer many aches and pains. Many people have been left with the confusion time to buy it or not, because it is expensive and we understand it because in fact they are very expensive. But one thing we can say will not regret it. You'll know it's worth it after just one use when you're stress free and relaxed.

It is not just a great luxury device to have it with so many health benefits. In fact, it could save you a lot of money in the future. When you live in good health, you are less prone to illness and doctor visits.

Here is the last tip; Appearance and appearance do not really matter with a massage chair. The features and quality they offer should justify the amount you will spend on it. If you request it, our personal recommendation will be the JSB Full Body massage chair, since it has all the features that one could ask for. This is the total value for money.

Let us know if you are using any of the reviewed models. Likes? How do they work? Also, do not hesitate to ask questions about massage chairs. We will try to answer them as soon as possible!

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