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Best Geyser Water Heaters in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

To help people make power consumption a deciding factor, the Tech Inventor team decided to compile a list of the best geyser / water heaters. Choose from a wide selection of home and kitchen products, decorations and appliances. purchase now!

BestGeyser Water Heaters in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you are considering buying a new geyser and you do not know how to choose the best water heater in India, then this article is the right article to know about choosing a good geyser. It is no longer necessary to worry about the size of the geyser and the type of geyser available. An in-depth survey has been done to guide you to buy the best geyser in India.

The choice of the best geyser depends on many factors, such as the bathroom space, the budget, where it is to be installed, and the purpose of hot water. You should also consider other factors such as geysers (kitchen, bathroom, etc.), energy consumption, size, heat capacity, and aesthetics.

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What to Look for in a Water Heater/Geyser

Geysers are also known as water heaters. Geyser is an element used in a water heater, this element heats water during the power supply. However, water heaters are called synonyms for geysers. Always look for the best brands of geysers as warranties, service / support and protection are offered by brand geysers. Buying an illegal geyser for domestic use would be similar to putting money earned with effort on falling shares.

Geysers from less well-known brands may look profitable. But it would not be a good product to use in terms of safety and would not meet the required standards. You must purchase a geyser that describes the material used to make your internal tank, as it is the core of the geyser. Some of the best brands of water heaters in India are sure to reveal the contents of the product description.
Geysers that use more power / power than necessary should be avoided. Always buy ISI compliant geysers as defined by Bureau of Indian Standards. This will ensure minimal maintenance of the geyser. According to established standards in India, depending on availability and brand, if parts such as Geyser heating resistance, service costs and Geiger thermostat, the expense increases in products without the ISI brand.

Buying a geyser is not a complicated thing, you should consider the important features of the geyser. The thermostat is possibly the most essential feature. A thermostat is important because it allows you to control the temperature of the water. Most geysers have a button, which allows the temperature to be adjusted.

There are also high-end models for manually selecting a given temperature. Digital meters also come with geysers, which indicate the precise temperature of the water. Some water heater geysers control the power of the heating element according to the weather conditions. The performance of the geyser is affected by this rather important and unique feature.

In addition to the above features, security features are essential. Most of the best electric geysers come with safety valves that act as an extra layer of security. They control the pressure and temperature of the water heater and prevent it from overheating.If you want to buy the best geyser, you need to familiarize yourself with the ventilation system of a geyser
Some geysers also have advanced features, such as: B. Remote controls with which the water temperature can be remotely controlled.Some of the water heaters are supplied with a timer, which allows you to program the desired water temperature for a certain period of time.The next important aspect of a geyser is its size, which depends mainly on the type of geyser. 
Most houses have smaller bathrooms, so it's important to buy elegant and smaller geysers. It is well known that installing a large geyser is more difficult.Before choosing the model, also consider the location where the water heater is to be installed. A geyser must be installed at a certain height and in places where there are faucets or water pipes. The look and design of a water heater is just as important as most people want it to fit perfectly into the design of their bathroom.

Many water heaters have a stainless steel outer body. They are mainly available in discreet colors and also have a glossy finish. Some geysers have a longer life because of their better resistance to rust.

Today, most manufacturers offer geysers with unique designs for traditionally cylindrical bodies. These sleek designs also aim to manage the small space by simplifying installation. The maintenance of the geysers also depends mainly on the use and the type of geyser.

Precautions to Be Taken for Better Durability of Geysers

Always turn off the geyser to avoid overheating. Try to lower the water temperature as much as possible. The tank should be cleaned from time to time, especially if you have a tank geyser. This prevents rust and a longer life is guaranteed. It also improves efficiency. Please inquire about the warranty of the water heater manufacturer. Most manufacturers give a minimum warranty of 2 years. Some manufacturers therefore grant special warranty periods for different parts of the water heater. You should also check the extended warranty.

India consumes a lot of electricity, and India has fewer power sources. These are still many Indian villages where there is no electricity. It is our moral duty to save as much electricity as possible. Geysers have energy-saving systems that ensure that power is not consumed more than necessary. By buying a geyser you also want to save electricity. Geysers have tanks where hot water is stored. If you follow these tips, the water heater will last a long time and reduce maintenance costs.

Types of water heaters

The following types of geysers are available in the Indian market:

Electric Geysers: The best electric geysers use an electric heating element to heat water. Most households use electric geysers because they are the best geysers for home use. They have the particularity of heating water at higher temperatures than gas geysers.

The cost of this geyser is not very high, but the operating costs are higher than those of other types. However, running costs decrease with the use of efficient heating elements. Because of the simple mechanisms, it is quite easy to maintain and use them. Electric geysers are safer than gas geysers. Electric geysers are smaller than gas geysers (this also depends on the tanks used). Therefore, it is easy to install.
Gas Geysers: Gas geysers are becoming increasingly popular in the Indian market. Gases such as propane gas and LPG are used by gas geysers to heat water. People connected to a gas pipeline at home must buy the geysers. They also have the unique ability to heat water much faster than their electric counterparts. Gas geysers are also very economical to use.
A study indicates that the operating costs of gas geysers are lower than those of electric geysers. The size factor becomes the only disadvantage of the geyser. For ventilation equipment, it takes more space because they are quite bulky. Each geyser requires a connection to a gas source, which makes the installation of a geyser complicated compared to the installation of electric geysers.
After selecting the type of geyser, determine whether you want to buy a geyser with or without a tank.
Storage Geysers: All storage geysers come with a built-in tank. The tank contains the water and then the water is heated. The heated water flows from above through another pipe. Storage geysers have a big problem because when water is in the tank it starts to lose its temperature. Storage geysers are available in different storage capacities and depend on the size of the tanks. The capacity of the tanks varies from 1 liter to 30 liters. Depending on your daily needs, you can choose the ideal storage capacity.

Larger capacity is available for larger homes. The capacity of the water heater must be selected according to the daily required amount of water. A family of three requires at least 20 liters of hot water to swim. In this case the geyser must have fitted 25 liters. We use it for bathing or bathing, and then, of course, we need to store a large geyser.

Tankless Geysers: Instant Kettle is a generic name given to Tankys Geysers. These geysers provide hot water with one eye. Such geysers are known for their energy saving capabilities. Hot water is also continuously supplied by the tankless geyser. There is no water leakage by this geyser and therefore they are efficient.

 Pending heat loss problems should not be solved. For small families, Tankless water heaters are best suited. These water heaters are mostly used for dishwashers / sinks. Below we've looked at some of the best geysers in the Indian market, including some of the best instant water boilers in India.

Finding the Best Water Heaters in India

Now, a person must have learned to choose the best geyser for their home. Why wait? One must consider buying a water heater. If you're still using traditional means like a water heater, it's time to take action. The world is moving at a fast pace and you should not leave it behind. There is no need to waste your time waiting for the water to cool down instead of using modern technology. Geysers are a technological innovation to save time for hot water. This may correspond to the world of modern technology.

Geyser is a very useful innovation. If you are looking for the best water heater in India, then you must search this list. This year should be considered buying something new, be it a new car, television, cellphone or anything that provides satisfaction or saves time. So why not buy a new geyser this year? If you have decided to buy a new geyser this year, then you should consider buying the best geyser in India in 2018.

Top 10 Best Geysers in India 2020

Product description

Size:15-Litre  |  Style:4 Star BEE Ratings

Product Description

HSE-SDS is a 5 star rated product with 5 star performance and international quality. It comes fitted with a Blue Diamond coated tank, convenient temperature settings, changeable colour panels and longer warranties.

From the Manufacturer

Why people prefer an A. O. Smith water heater

Advanced Technology
Double coated glass-linked tank. Maximum protection against hard water and corrosion.
Superior Quality
Get the best quality that ensures, you have a water heater that works in Indian water conditions.
Longer Warranties
7 years warranty on inner tank, 4 years extended warranty* on glass coated heating element & 2 years comprehensive.
Energy Saving
BEE 5 star rating. One of the most energy efficient water heaters you can buy.
Made Better
Made in India’s most modern and advanced water heater factory.

Product details

Product description

100 percent Reliable Magma Water Heaters have sleek exteriors that complement their performance. With a unique porcelain enamel tank, Magma Water Heaters not only provide excellent heating, but also last really long and utilise much less energy than ordinary water heaters. For a unique bathing experience, look no further than magma.

Product details

Style: 25-Litre
Instruction Manual [PDF]

Product description

The remote controlled, 4 star rated SES offers ultimate convenience and its advanced digital display gives you vital information on its functioning. It comes with a blue diamond coated tank and convenient temperature settings.

Product details

Colour: White/Blue

Product description

Color Name:White/Blue
Get the Hot water for the New generation - the all New Lyra. A Sleek New design that will go with your modern bathroom

Product details

Size: 25

Product description

The water heater is available in 10L, 15L and 25L variants. 2000 watts model. Suitable for high-rise buildings (8 bars). Ergonomically styled plastic body. Rust proof external body. Fire retardant cable. Alluring designs. Adjustable thermostat. Special anti-corrision protective device. Multiple safety system.

7.Usha Misty 25-litres 2000-Watt 5 Star Storage Water Heater (Twinkling Grey)

Product details

Important information

Legal Disclaimer:
USHA presents its range of Misty storage water heaters that arent just beautiful to look at but also enery efficient and safe to use. These water geysers are equipped with best-in-class safety features such as high grade thermostat to cut of eectricity whe temperature exceeds the the set limit and advanced Earth Leaking Protection Device for safer utility. This combined with the sleek, classy design delivers style and performance in one package. Usha Misty storage water heaters are perfect for your kitchen and bathroom. Combining safety, performance aand energy saving features into a single, discreet package, Usha has been constantly innovating its product portfolio to rovide all kinds of water heating applications. Usha Misty 5 Star Storage Water Heaters - Go Beyond the Ordinary! About Usha Water Heaters : Wide Range: The wide range of Usha water heaters are specially designed to meet a wide range of applications including use in the kitchen, shower panels, bath tubs, etc. The vibrant range gives you the freedom to choose a design that best complements the decor of your kitchen or bathroom. Safety Features: With circuit breakers, leakage protectors and safety valves all incorporated in the design, Usha Misty storage water heaters are truly best-in-breed water heating appliances. These safety features provide optimum protection against dry heating, over temperature, over pressure and various kinds of electrical leakages. The level of protection from water seepage onto the electrical part is IPX4. What's more, all Usha water geysers also unergo a rigorous testing of 250,000 pressure pulsations to ensure best performance in the field. Strong tank material makes these water heaters absolutely safe to use, even in hhigh pressure applications. Super Durability: Usha storage water heaters are made of high quality steel with te inside tank coated with Sapphire powder with glass lining treatment. This, together with a high magnesium concentrate anode rod helps the water geyser achiee super durability by protection against corrosion and electrochemical reaction. Energy Saving: High desity, thicker and polyurethane foam insulation ensures minimum energy consumption which brings down the cost of water heating substantially.

Product description

Geyser 25 litre water heater 2 Year product warranty, 3 year element warranty, 7 Year Tank Warranty Heavy duty magnesium anode to prevent rust and corrossion enhances life even with hard water. World-class glasslined enamel coating on tank

8.Havells Monza EC 10 10-Litre Storage Water Heater (Ivory)

Product details

Product description

The innovative feroglas TM technology in the inner container withstands hard water to give years of water trouble-free service.Incoloy heating element has excellent resistance to both oxidation and carbonization at high temperature.CFC free high density PUF insulation prevents heat loss.

9.Haier Precis ES 25H E1 25-Litre Horizontal Water Heater (White)

Product details

  • Product Dimensions: 37 x 64.5 x 37.8 cm ; 13.6 g
  • Item model number: Precis ES 25H E1
  • ASIN: B00ESB7M44
  • Date first available at 13 October 2013
  • Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars   60 customer reviews
  • Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #6,032 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen)
    • #47 in Storage Water Heaters
  • Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Product description

Free installation available on selected pin codes. For know installation call haier customer care : 1800 200 9999 / 1800 102 9999. Box does not contain conncetion pipes.

10.Bajaj Shakti GPV 15 L Electric Water Geyser (White)

Product details

Product description

Bajaj Shakti GPV 15 L Electric Water Geyser White

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