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How to start a blog in 2020 with success

How to start a blog in 2020 with success - 

Today, everyone wants be a successfull blogger, but the question is how? Starting a online blog is the first step of every digital marketer, who pursuing their enterprenureal journey. If you want to Become a blogger in 2020 just follow our steps and became a successful bloggers on the internet.

start a blog in july 2019

How to start a blog in 2020 with success

Starting a online blog is a very simple process. We can learnt all this steps in a easiest way by following this article step-by-step.
Also we are sharing step-by-step process exactly like us when we set up our blog

Start a successful blog with this 5 step

  1. Buy A Domain Name And Hosting
  2. Set Up The Blog With Wordpress Or Blogger
  3. Customise The Blog With Beautiful Theme
  4. Write Down The Content
  5. Publish The Article.

Complete guideline to setup your first blog in 2020

Are you creative? wants to share your thought with something meaningful? then you must start your own blog and start blogging by following our guidelines.
Creating is the best decision for me, moreover it made value to others people life.
So thinking about starting a blog is not enough unless you implement the idea.

start a blog in july 2019

These are the step by step procedure of how weare getting start our blog

STEP 1 : Choose Your Blogging Platform And Pick 

The Best Suited Domain For You :
It is initial setup will you choose blogging as a blogging platform is something where you want to host your content as there are many blogging platform available for internet the blogging platform is available with a paid hosting as well as a free hosting plan if you are doing fastly then i will suggest you to go with blogger.Com As it provide your free hosting as well as a free subdomain with basic functionality dormon
If you want to customise your blog and want to reach on pro level then you must go with the wordpress
As wordpress is the most famous cms content management system among all the cms available over internet

start a blog in july 2019

You can fully customise the wordpress site with easily available plugins and advanced level of available theme also the functionality of the wordpress is phenomenal and advance
If you want to start your blog with wordpress then you have to buy a hosting and domain

You can buy hosting and domain with this following companies


After buying domain and hosting setup your blog with wordpress and finish it

STEP 2 :Choosing The Best Suitted Theme
Now the second is set up the theme to design your blog with the simple theme choosing and setting up your theme is a very important part of your blog as it gives you a look and feel you want for your blog

start a blog in july 2019

There as majority of free themes and paid theme available on what place you can choose of free theme and you can purchase it letter to access it pro functionalities directly purchase a pro theme you can also download the pro team by the third party website like theme if i and other website.

start a blog in july 2019

STEP 3 : Install Some Plugins For The Blog
Now after customising theme installing plugins is also important to make the website control with basic functionality and seo some plugins like google analytics and used seo is very important to help us to write our article without perfect seo.

start a blog in july 2019

Some plugins like google analytics wp rocket used seo is very important to help write your article

STEP 4 : Write Compelling Wordpress Site Content

Some page are very important for your blog to look professional also people are identified with people not logo

start a blog in july 2019

Some important page are as follow
About us
Contact us
Privacy policy
Terms and condition

STEP 5 : Publish The Article

start a blog in july 2019

After completing all these steps your blog is read to post article and publish it

15 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog Today

1.You’ll become a better writer
2.You’ll meet new people.
3.You’ll become more confident.

20 Recommendations Approach for Your Blog:

How to Wite Effective Blog Posts

1.Find Your Niche.
2.Define Your Ideal Readers.
3.Add Value.
4.Be Original.
5.Be Interesting.
6.Be Yourself.
7.Be Honest.
11.Find Your Voice.
12.We Instead of You.
13.When to Post.
14.Social Media.
15.Ignore Negative Criticism and Stupidity.
17.Keep It Simple.
20.Live Your Life.

Hope you like the post on "How to start a blog in 2020 with success"
if you like to read article on blogging then keep vising our website.
thank you.

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